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At Club Reduce we stand out for our unique Fat Mobilization System also known as FMS. While others focus on dangerous life threatening surgical procedures or starvation diets, Club Reduce focuses on empowering the body’s own fat burning system for remarkable results. We take the time to understand each client thoroughly. With new state of the art scientific technology we are able to speed up the weight loss process. We begin with a complete total body composition analysis, determine your individual goals, understand time lines and finally create a personalized plan to help guarantee success in order to meet your specific goals. Our comprehensive approach to weight loss includes nutrition plans, personal training, accountability and a complete fat mobilization system. Real people, real results- Guaranteed.

At Club Reduce of San Ramon we pride ourselves in excellent customer service, knowledge and accountability. Book your appointment for a consultation with the East Bays premiere Doctor today, and let’s get started on your weight loss journey!



Learn more about Lipo-Light in the video below

"The decision to go for Lipolight was one of the most wise choices in my life! I had a relaxing string of treatments, in which all I had to do is lean back and feel the pads melting the  fat from my thighs! After 6 sessions, I have lost around 2 inches, and the stubborn flab seems to be gone forever! Thank you, Lipolight! If you are in hunt for an effective and safe alternative to liposuction, Lipolight is undoubtedly recommended."     

 “I’ve recommended this program to others because I felt satisfied and I wasn’t hungry at all. Also I liked the program because the menu was easy to follow, the foods were simple and mostly because I lost 31 pounds in 42 days!!” 

       “In only 42 days I lost a total of 36 lbs!! Staying on and following the program is super easy. Since I started the program I am sleeping so much better now, plus I have a lot more energy too. I’m so pleased with my weight loss results, I have encouraged my daughter to start on the program right away."


  Before and After a 12 Week Weight Loss Program

Before and After Lipo-Light Series



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